Alex Lee, a classically trained vocalist and Andrew Monborne, drummer started VEDAS as a means of catharsis. As Alex Lee has mentioned, “We write what we feel. VEDAS is an open door; we expose all of thoughts and emotions to our listeners. Music is our most personal form of expression and VEDAS is the result.”

As you’ll hear on the duo’s second single “Mis Rajh,” off the band’s forthcoming debut EP, Exhume, their sound consists of Lee’s plaintive and soaring falsetto, swirling electronics, sparse piano chords and in the case of the second single, jazz ballad-inspired drumming. The sparsely arranged accompaniment allows ample room for Lee’s stunning vocals to soar heavenward with an unhurried but palpable sense of seemingly unspeakable, inexplicable loss and loneliness in a similar fashion to that of Antony Hegarty.