Alex Lee, a classically trained vocalist and Andrew Monborne, drummer started VEDAS as a means of catharsis. As Alex Lee has mentioned, “We write what we feel. VEDAS is an open door; we expose all of thoughts and emotions to our listeners. Music is our most personal form of expression and VEDAS is the result.”

Starting with ringing chime and swirling electronics, followed by piano and Lee’s plaintive and soaring falsetto the material on the duo’s recently released Exhume EP unfurls with a delicate, unhurried and haunting beauty that expresses a palpable sense of unspeakable, inexplicable loss and loneliness in a way that feels both like a kick in the stomach and incredibly cathartic. much like the work of Antony Hegarty. You’‘l also notice that although heavily inspired by chamber pop, the material manages to also have a slight resemblance to old pop standard ballads with a modern twist on it, of course. 

Exhume has an affecting presence that haunts and lingers long after you’ve played it, in a way that’s spectral and eerie. Believe me I know. I’ve played the EP a few times and haven’t been able to get it out of my head.