Although initially released through Stones Throw Records as a free giveaway, Mayer Hawthorne‘s Impressions: The Covers EP not onlyserved as a great introduction to Hawthorne’s smooth, retro-feel sound, it was also one of my favorite albums when it was released back in 2011 – it landed at number 1 on this site’s Best of 2011 list, thanks in part to a voice that managed to subtly express hurt and ache in a way that most contemporary R&B singers are just incapable of doing. July 16th will mark the release of his forthcoming full-length Where Does This Door Goand “Her Favorite Song” is the one of the first singles from the new album. Starting off with a funky bass line, before you hear Hawthorne’s sing with a seductive croon, the track is probably the sexiest track I’ve heard him do. And it’s all about how one particular song takes the woman subject of the song to a different place. It’s got that late night, Quiet Storm feel to me that I just dig – and I think you’ll hear it, too.