Although JOVM is a (mostly) one-man operation, I receive quite a bit of emails from artists, band managers, labels and publicists from across the world and admittedly I’ll look at a band name and think of a couple of things – either “holy shit that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard,” “well, that’s pretty inventive,” “well, that’s one that someone will have a difficult time Googling” or “that’s pretty fucking funny.” In the case of the local and extremely mysterious noise pop act, Dickhead Rescue, it’s pretty fucking funny; after all, true dickheads often need rescue – from themselves. 

New York-based label Ever/Never released the band’s latest effort, the “More Than”/Erepeato" 7 inch and the A side single “More Than” sounds as though it snarls out of a blown out speaker. It’s all blistering, washed out noise with the vocals submerged in the mix. It sounds tinny, shitty and noisy – and yet it reminds me of catching shows with desperate, hungry bandsin dark, dank, claustrophobia-inducing basements with horrible P.A. systems