Although New York is a large city with some 8 million souls pushing, fighting, dreaming and scheming, there are actually countless times in which it feels extremely small – especially if you roll in a specific circle. Certainly, as a music blogger, there have been countless times lately in which the adage of six degrees of separation proved to be completely true. 

Yesterday, I received an email from a Brooklyn-based emcee Warren S. Britt. His latest single (and video), “Everywhere You Are,” features vocalist and producer CHaZ VaN QueeN, and it’s a a soulful, thoughtful and conscious hip hop track that bears a resemblance to Mos Def – i couldn’t help but think of “Ms. Fat Booty.

Lyrically, the song deals with what may be a familiar situation to at least some of us – digging a girl who’s in a relationship, recognizing that she digs you, and desperately trying to avoid the overwhelming temptation of your desires.