Although the Athens, GA-based quartet Pinecones are a relatively new band, the band has actually been more than a decade in the works as each of the band’s members, Bo Orr (vocals, guitar), Ben Salle (drums), Brain Atoms (guitar) and Ryan Evers, have played in a number of bands together, going back to when they were all high schoolers. After a year of playing shows and writing songs together, the members of Pinecones when into the studio last April Fool’s Day to record the material that would wind up comprising their soon-to-be released full-length debut Sings For You Now. And the album’s latest single “Ocean at the Center” bears a resemblance to the album’s first single “Cosmosis” in the sense that it possesses a raw, primal urgency, passion and danger that’s sadly rare in age of constant surveillance, sneering irony and self-obsession. Much like the album’s first single the song consists of densely layered, chugging guitar chords, thundering drums and persistent and propulsive bass line that holds the frenzied chaos together paired with Orr’s furious shouting. It deliberately eschews familiar song structure – you won’t be able to discern a clear verse, a chorus or even a bridge and honestly, that’s never been the point. As I mentioned about “Cosmosis,” Pinecones’ work seems to evoke what life ultimately is for all us – a brief, blast of fury and noise that fades as quickly into the ether as it was brought into the world. 

In some way, it shouldn’t be surprising that “Ocean at the Center” unlike “Cosmosis” manages to set up an idea and ends it as quickly as it begun – and it’s done in a way that reminds me quite a bit of Wire. Here’s our song, that’s it. Move on. But holy shit, what an invigorating frenzy! it will shake you awake and alive in a way that contemporary rock seems afraid to approach.