Although they’ve been together as a band for a little over two years, a relatively short period d of time for a band, the Galway, Ireland-based quartet of Dott has received international attention after the release of their debut effort, Swoon as the material was comprised of a shimmering, garage pop sound that would remind a lot of listeners of the Go-Gos, Veruca Salt, Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura and others. 

April 18 will mark the release of the “Carousel” split 7 inch album, which will see the Irish quartet teaming up with the Northern California-based band Night School, as both bands specialize in a harmony-based, pop-orientated garage rock sound. The first single from the release is Dott’s “Car Song” is a subtle refinement of the sound that captured international attention – the shimmering guitars, plaintive, pop-based melodies and earnest lyrics based on heartache have remained; but what’s different is the fact that “Car Song” possesses a muscular insistence that their previous material didn’t always have, thanks to peals of feedback and thundering drums – all while remaining as sweet as ever.