AM and Shawn Lee’s sophomore  (and latest) effort together as a duo, La Musique Numerique (translated from French it means “Digital Music”) was recently released through Park the Van Records. With the release of the new album, the duo have further cemented a reputation for having a production style that meshes digital and analog recording techniques and a sound that manages to be sunny, ethereal while playfully and adeptly blurring the lines between genres such as funk, dubstep, reggae, disco, soul and rock – and it’s done in a way that makes the material sound as though it could have been released in 1983, 2013 or 2043. It’s the sort of album that would be perfect during a summer barbecue.  . . 

The duo recently released the visually inventive video for “Good Blood.” And as soon as you hear the acoustic guitar chords at the opening, airy vocals and stomping four on the floor drums and the insanely catchy hook I’m sure you’ll be reminded quite a bit of United-era Phoenix but with a funky disco-like bass line throughout the song.