As a band, Liars has a long-held reputation for defying expectations at every single turn of their careers and for a sound that’s purposely challenging. WIXIW, which landed at number 21 on this site’s Best of 2012 list was a deeply, anxious album with material that left a lingering sense of unease. The band’s forthcoming, seventh, full-length release, Mess manages to be the complete, schizophrenic antithesis of WIXIWAs Angus Andrew has admitted in interviews, for on the new album was “instinctual, fun, and confident.” And on “On A Mission,” the first single off the new album has the band playing with a purposeful, balls-out sense of abandon that feels primal. 

Silent Servant recently remixed “On A Mission” and although his remix is kind of subtle, it does give a slightly different interpretation to the song and a wholly different feel as well. Layers of pulsating synths evoke a relentless sense of anxious unease beneath the wild, primal abandon. It feels like a party that’s gone way out of control and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.