As a blogger, I receive anywhere from about a dozen to more than three dozen singles over the course of a day, and I’m usually multitasking – it’s not uncommon for me to be watching a ballgame, tweet and even eat while playing tracks and figuring out what I’d want to post and write about. So yesterday, i received Jonwayne’s newest single with Scoop Deville and played it  and naturally, I thought the track was straight fire. If you know anything about the new Soundcloud, it’ll play a random playlist of (mostly) related artists and in some way it can serve as a great introduction to some new acts you should be paying attention to. 

The first track that came up after the Jonwayne track was “Paraphernalia” by the London, UK-based hip hop crew, Piff Gang. From the track you can tell that this crew has been heavily inspired by several things including West Coast G-Funk era rap, thanks in part to the soulful, old school R&B sample; Grime; East Coast hip hop and much more – all while being incredibly smooth. Since i first stumbled on to the track yesterday, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, and I think you’ll say the same. it’s just some dope hip hop, plain and simple.