As a singer/songwriter Nick Hakim has crafted an aesthetic and sound that effortlessly meshes a variety of genres including blues and soul to create something that’s arrestingly spectral and dusty, thanks to extremely sparse arrangements – Hakim accompanies his vocals with guitar, piano, drums and swirling electronics, and the material evokes a sense of deeply aching loss in a way that’s devastatingly intimate and earnest, as you’ll hear on “The Light” off his Where Will We Go Part 1In some way, the song like almost all of his work evokes desperately lonely nights of whiskey and cigarettes, endlessly replaying all the things that went horribly wrong and wondering if there was some way to do it over again and get it right – or if you’d wonder if you were doomed to continually repeat the same mistakes. 

The official video accurately captures the sense of regret, confusion and loneliness of the song as it follows the narrator’s sad reminiscences of a relationship gone wrong.