As I’ve mentioned countless times on this site, I receive an enormous amount of emails from publicists, labels and artists from all over the world, which had made this site’s mission of presenting and covering music regardless of genre or country of origin possible. I recently received an email from the Munich, Germany-based independent record label, Panther Music, whose mission is to “focus on young, aspiring talents that tend to be overlooked by the mainstream industry." 

Electro pop act, Konsequence, recently released two singles through the Munich-based indie label, "Bad Girl” and “Dangerous.” “Dangerous,” which happens to be my favorite of the two Panther Music released singles. Comprised of layers of cascading synths, sinuous bass and percussion lead by hot flashes of cymbals paired with ethereally cooed vocals, Konsequence has been compared to the likes of Blood Orange and The Weeknd. And of course, those are fair comparisons but to my ear, i’m reminded of Cascine Records artists such as Lemonade and Rush Midnight; after all, the song sounds much like the synth-based pop and R&B of the early 1980s, complete with the same slickly produced sensual feel.