As I’ve mentioned countless times through this site, I receive an incredible number of emails from a variety of folks across the world, which, of course makes JOVM’s mission of presenting and covering music from all over the world possible. 

I originally heard from the Toronto, ON-based duo of Terrorista a little while ago, and admittedly, the email got lost in a flood of emails I’ve received and sent over the past month – with JOVM being a (mostly) one-man operation, some emails get lost in the fray for a bit. But here’s what you should know: the members of Terrorista have been part of Toronto’s punk and indie rock scenes as they’ve been in a number of bands in the greater Toronto area for the past decade. 

Interestingly Terrorista’s sound bears an uncanny resemblance to Japandroids as you’ll hear on the recently released Purple Tape, the second of a four tape series that the band will be releasing over the next six months. Once all four tapes are released, you can play them consecutively to create a complete album. 

Purple Tape’s first single “Darren vs. Bag” possess an bruising, room-filling sound an an anthemic chorus that you can picture a sweaty room yelling along lustily. “Double Negative” is a simmering dirge comprised of thunderous drumming and whispered vocals that explodes into a frenzy of sound before fading out. If these songs don’t get into your blood and make you want to jump into a mosh pit, nothing else will.