As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, over the last 18 months or so, I’ve been receiving a large number of emails from artists, publicity firms and labels located all over the world. Just the other day, I received an email about an up-and-coming Swedish producer WDL, who remixed “Pilgrim” by , a Danish artist, whose sound has been compared  to the likes of Grimes and Twin Shadow. The original version of “Pilgrim” interestingly enough, manages to bear a resemblance to fellow countrymen, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour because of the warm blasts of horn, ethereal synths and MØ’s soulful vocals. 

However, WDL’s remix turns parts of the song on its head – the horns have been replaced by swirling electronics and crunchier, harder hitting bass, ethereal synths have been replaced by layers of glitchy synths and skittering percussion while retaining MØ’s vocals.