As I’ve mentioned several times, I receive about 75-100 emails a day from PR firms, labels, artists and even band managers asking me to check out their band for the site. And as I go through countless Soundcloud links i usually find myself multitasking – tweeting, checking out Facebook. googling information on bands, watching sports and naturally, I often get so caught up in what i’m doing that Soundcloud streams their related tracks list. But what’s great about it is, that it serves as an introduction to artists that wouldn’t have normally been on my radar. 

The Helsinki-based quartet of Black Lizard have developed a reputation for a sound that meshes elements of proto-punk and psychedelia, while being hypnotic in a way that’s reminiscent of the Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and others. But interestingly enough, as I listened to “Love Is A Lie,” I also immediately thought of the Stone Roses, thanks to the jangling nature of the track, a taut bass line and a hypnotic nature.