As many of you who follow JOVM know, I’m extremely active on Twitter and as a result, musicians and musician friends routinely hit me up with links to their new singles.  Recently, a very dear and lovely friend of mine, Elle Pierre hit me up on Twitter with a link to “Nothing But …” Produced by Good Food (that’s a great name ain’t it?), the track features Scienze and Johnny U spitting fire over big woofer rattling drums and bass, and jazzy sample led by what sounds like xylophone and brief bursts of mournful saxophone. Elle Pierre contributes soulful vocals around the song’s hook. 

Listening to the track brought a couple of things to mind. First that it channels the warm, soulful production of J. Dilla and golden-era hip hop; second, that the production is smooth and soulful enough for hanging out on a Sunday afternoon; and lastly, that real hip-hop is out there, if you’re willing to seek it.