As one half of the Los Angeles based electronica/soul act J*Davey, Jack Davey has been a part of a response against over-produced, pre-packed pop pabulum. Her talent is obvious if you consider the fact that she’s opened for artists such as Prince, the Roots, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monae. But her start as a solo artist began after several concurrent events – the birth of her first child, a period of artistic stagnation, and the desire to create the sounds she had been hearing in her head. So she taught herself guitar and began writing the material that wound up comprising a double EP by the title of L0-F! 

Fans of J*Davey may see Jack Davey’s solo work as a complete sonic overhaul – here, Davey strums scuzzy guitar lines that manage to convey a sweaty anxiousness while she she sings straightforward lyrics with a seductive, bluesy croon. It has a primal immediacy that cannot be denied. Interestingly, I was reminded of Anna Rose’s latest material – both women sound confident to the point of being brassy, and powerfully seductive. It’s one of the most interesting releases I’ve heard this year. 

L0-F! Side B will drop on November 6th and you should expect a deluxe edition with 3 previously unreleased songs and an electronic booklet to be released on December 11th.