As we all know, in the UK there’s a deep reverence for American blues and R&B that goes back to the very foundations of much of the music and artists we love and admire today — and it continues with a string of extremely talented (and soulful) female singer/songwriters including the late Amy Winehouse, Adele, Alice Russell, Joss Stone and others. 20 something Scottish singer/songwriter Eilidh McKellar is joining the ranks — although unlike the others her sound is bluesier and owes a great debt to the likes of the great Bonnie Raitt (not a bad comparison really). 

Check out the slow burning, seductive “Summer Daze” as it i has the young McKellar sounding more adult than her years. And it’s a warm blast of summer that might get you through the snow, slush and cold of that most of us in the Northeast have been dealing with for most of this winter. Or you can play the song before you get romantic – both work.