At the end of 2012, the Chicago, IL-based band Disappears spent the end of 2012 and early 2013 holed up in the Electrical Audio Studio writing and recording the material that wound up becoming their impressive Kone EP, and their fourth full-length album, ERA which Kranky Records will release on August 27th. From the first single off ERA, “Power,” there’s a sense of that Kone represented a few things – a sonically related and yet very different album, influenced by the same things. Indeed, with an emphasis on stormy reverb, it often sounds like a shout into the void. 

“Power” much like the material on Kone buzzes with an anxious, brooding intensity but unlike Kone the material’s anxiousness is deeply insular, as though capturing the thoughts of someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Additionally, “Power” which also bears a resemblance to the Church, is a much more direct (and taut) song, which makes its forcefulness feel like a punch in the throat. It’s a track that continues the band’s reputation for making music that’s compelling and uncompromising.