Australian act, The Trouble With Templeton began in 2011 as the brainchild of 23 year old singer/songwriter Thomas Calder. And by 2012, the band had expanded to a quintet that not only helped fleshed out, it manages to perfectly compliment Calder’s plaintive vocals, with a self-assuredness that is well beyond Calder and company’s years. 

“Soliders” is the first single off their debut effort, Rookie, which famed indie label, Bella Union will be releasing on May 12. Starting with buzzing synth chords, which are sustained throughout the song, some beautifully chiming guitars played with a gentle amount of reverb, the song possesses a haunting melody before turning into a psych jazz freakout at the song’s coda. In some way it bears a passing resemblance to the Verve and to Radiohead; but in any case, it’s not surprising that the band has quickly become hugely successful in their native Australia — and I suspect that they’ll win quite a few fans Stateside, as well. 

The recently released official video follows a rather average, boring man on his commute back and forth to work; however, it’s not a normal, boring commute. Instead, we get a surreal Twilight Zone-like glimpse into the man’s very frail, damaged psyche and extremely lonely life.