Axxa/Abraxas is the music and art project of 23 year-old Atlanta, GA-based Ben Ashbury, who derived the project’s name from two principles that he associated together – one that’s deeply personal, the other spiritually dichotomous. Although, he got into music at a very early age and had been fascinated by 60s psychedelia, punk rock, Elephant Six-era indie rock and others, the tracks that make up his debut, self-titeld album were originally written and demo’ed around the time Ashbury was in college studying psychology, religion and sociology. But it was also where he developed a fascinating for the analog synth, which helped complete his sound. 

“On The Run,” the latest single off his debut effort is a bit of 60s inspired garage rock based psychedelia with jangling guitars, and vocals fed through effects pedals, and humming synth chords in the background. But pay attention to the songwriting – the song feels as though it’s two or three different movements held together by rhythm guitar, with a trippy bridge section that seems to dissolve by your very ears.