Back in 2009, Malian kora player Ballake Sissoko and cellist Vincent Segal collaborated on Chamber Music an award-winning album hailed for its intimacy and simplicity. When both Sissoko and Segal went into the studio to record, they recorded as is – that is without the use of overdubs and most of the modern sound engineering and editing techniques. With all of the tremendous accolades and commercial success, the duo wound up playing over 200 shows together; in other words, it’s the sort of success that would make a sequel seem almost necessary. 

However, as an artist Sissoko had no interest in doing a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel. Instead, he wanted to the creative continuation of Chamber Music.  The end result is Sissoko’s latest album through Six Degrees RecordsAt Peace – an album title, which seems particularly apt when you hear “Badojourou,” the first single from At Peace. 

“Badojourou” has an elegant and yet deceptive simplicity. And after playing this track several times, I think you’ll feel a rushing sensation of peace.