Back in August, Sub Pop Records released Washed Out’s sophomore effort Paracosm, an album that Ernest Greene, the primary creative force behind the project, has said explores the peculiar phenomenon of creating extremely detailed, imaginary worlds. And from the release of the album’s early singles, there was an obvious change of sonic direction. Greene still employs the use of synths and other electronics to create a swooning, Romantic feel but they’re not pushed towards the background as live instrumentation – primarily guitars, keyboards and live drums are in the forefront. Not only does it make the material feel warmer, more psychedelic and more organic. In fact, the sound on Paracosm brings Washed Out’s recorded sound closer to their live sound. 

The latest single (and video) from Paracosm, “All I Know” is my favorite track off the entire album. The track starts out with some twinkling keyboard chords, which underpin the entire song, followed by some shimmering guitar chords, and Greene’s breathy coo which not only describes what may be the most beautiful woman the narrator has ever known, but also describes how ghosts manage to linger. 

The official video, which was co-produced by the folks at Urban Outfitters is the sixteenth installment in their UO music video series, and it’s an incredibly fitting video as the video follows a broken hearted man and his friend on a chaotic road trip in search of some sort of closure. There are some subtle yet very profound moments throughout the video. You can tell the two male leads seem to have a lifelong friendship rooted in mutual love and respect – and they seem to know when and how to push each other’s buttons both positively and negatively. When the two young men meet a pair of young women, and you can see the stirrings of shy, awkward lust. Also, you can see the hurt and hatred in our broken-hearted protagonist’s eyes in almost every single frame. And in the end, a somewhat shocking and violent turn.