Ballerina Black, which consists of Bobby Moynahan, Esli Sugich (bass), Scott Eton (keyboards and guitar) and Romeo Mendzoa (drums), have been praised for a sound that has been described by many across the blogosphere as “a collage of mope rock and grave wave” with accessible melodies.  Granted, as music blogger, I have to admit that I don’t even know what grave wave is to properly assess it; however, as you’ll hear on their latest single “Brixton Rain,” their sound reminds me quite a bit of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails – a slickly produced, buzzing, anxious goth-based electronica that’s also incredibly danceable, and possesses shimmering guitars and synths. (Interestingly, the band has opened for Interpol and for Silversun Pickups, both of which strike me as showing that this is a band whose profile is growing.) 

The official video includes some gorgeously shot aerial footage, that is at times super-imposed over a dancing woman who appears to be slowly losing her mind. Oh and there’s birthday cake. It’s sexy, darkly surreal and yet very fitting.