Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the duo of Steven Marr and Indira Force formed Doprah back in 2012 and in their relatively short history together, they have seen a considerable amount of success – they’ve released a number of singles to critical praise in their native New Zealand, and two of those singles hit number 1 on the Alternative Charts. And interestingly, as a result they opened for indie pop sensation Lorde’s post-Grammy Awards homecoming show in Auckland

“San Pedro” the first single off the band’s self-titled EP, slated for a June 9 release through Arch Hill Records was full of swirling electronics, ringing percussion and Force’s cooed vocals. Although the song shimmered with a cosmic glow, underneath the surface was a malevolent, anxious feel reminiscent of Portishead. “Love That I Need,” the latest single starts off with a chord progression that bears an uncanny resemblance to The Doors‘ 
Love Me Two Times,” giving the song a slight psychedelic tinge, while retaining both the comic glow, and the malevolent, anxious air under the surface.