Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the duo of Steven Marr and Indira Force formed Doprah back in 2012 and in their relatively short history together, they have seen a considerable amount of success — they’ve released a number of singles to critical praise in their native New Zealand, and two of those singles hit number 1 on the Alternative Charts. And interestingly, as a result they opened for indie pop sensation Lorde’s post-Grammy Awards homecoming show in Auckland

With the recent release of the band’s self-titled debut, the Christchurch, New Zealand-based duo have made waves Stateside with a sound that bears a resemblance to Dummy-era Portishead and contemporary acts like Still Corners but more spacious, which often gives their sound a smoldering, haunting air, as you’ll hear on the band’s latest single “Stranger People.”

Although the video employs the use of the extraordinary bright colors of Japanese anime, there’s something dark and disturbing just underneath the surface, and it makes sense since the song makes hints about madness