Based in Jersey City, the duo of Tom Barrett and Lysa Opfer formed Overlake after bonding over a shared love of 80s and 90s indie rock and alt rock while playing in another band. As Opfer recalls, her and Barrett would stay late after practices with Barrett on drums, Opfer on a Rhodes piano with the duo sometimes switching up instrumentation to bang out long, melodic noise rock jams based around their influences — namely, My Bloody ValentinePavement and Sonic Youth. And about a year after those jam sessions, the band started working on the material that would become their debut full-length, Sighs which Killing Horse Records released just a few short weeks ago. 

“Disappearing,” the album’s first single consists of chiming guitars, played through subtle layers of reverb, gently cooed vocals, and swirling layers upon layers of sound. The track has a quietly pensive but haunting beauty that reminds me quite a bit of the Verve’s gorgeous debut, A Storm in Heaven but much more percussive and stormier, to say the least. However, “Our Sky,” the album’s second single has more of an airy and jangling pop sound with swirling feedback that strikes me as bearing more of a resemblance to Washing Machine-era Sonic Youth. But much like the album’s previous single, there’s a pensive, melancholy air to the proceedings.