Based out of Gainesville, FL, the duo of the Slims are essentially a side project for Morningbell’s Travis Atria, who performs in that band under the moniker of Jackie Slim (a.k.a. James Brawn, a.k.a. Jimba Lushi) and Colin Whitlock, who performs in the band with the moniker of Jimmy Slim (a.k.a Merlin Brando, a.k.a. Jamba Lushi). Much like Atria’s work in his primary band, Morningbell, the Slims have developed a reputation for producing a sound and an aesthetic that’s uncompromisingly strange.

Slowpoke, the sophomore effort for Atria and Whitlock was recorded in between Morningbell’s Boa Noite sessions, and continues the storyline brought up during their 2010 concept album, Killa Dilla. Adding to the overall strangeness, the material on Slowpoke makes allusions to what their new project will be – or maybe won’t be. 

The album’s second single “Tastemaker” is a seductive bit of psychedelic and soulful blues, with ethereal organ chords, as Atria coos throughout. Much like the first single from the album, it’s a sexy song.