Based out of North Yorkshire Moors, UK, the quartet of the Van Doos which consist of  Simon Hutchinson (lead vocals, guitar), Louis Bamber (vocals, guitar), Fred Baty (bass), and Dom Antony (drums). have been praised NMERadar and other publications across the UK, as well as across the blogosphere – in fact, if you’re familiar with this site at all, you’d remember that I wrote about the band’s “Airborne” off their full-length debut, Fingertips

Whereas “Airborne” was a soaringly anthemic ballad with a prototypical Brit rock/Brit pop sound — an expansive, cinematic feel, complete with earnestly and plaintively sung vocals, guitars fed through reverb and other pedals, in a fashion that reminded me of A Storm in Heaven-era the Verve and of Oasis, among others.  The latest single off Fingertips, “Speak Up” is a much more muscular song, with an anthemic, wall of sound-like sound. If you close your eyes and just listen to the track, you can probably imagine hearing the song rocking an arena.

The official video has shows a young woman getting herself dressed up presumably for a night out but only to see her dancing to her favorite song but at the end, it’s revealed that the Van Doos are actually playing her favorite song live  – in her living room.