Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the trio of the Stargazer Lilies comprised of John Cep (guitarist, bassist, vocalist, drummer, producer), Kim Field (bassist, vocalist) and rotating live drummers EJ DeCoske and Johnny Lancia formed after the demise of Cep and Field’s previous band Soundpool. As Soundpool, they toured with the likes of ChapterhouseUlrich SchnaussA Place to Bury StrangersSchool of Seven BellsBlack Moth Super RainbowTobacco and others. However, the Stargazer Liles were conceived as a change of sonic direction from Cep and Field’s work in Soundpool, In some way, the members of The Stargazer Lilies wanted their sound to be much more stripped down than in their previous projects; in fact, the first song they play in this BreakThruRadio footage, “We Are the Dreamers,” the title track of their debut effort, We Are The Dreamers manages to posses an ethereal hazy quality that evokes for me two different and somewhat related things I’ve seen: the fog slowly lifting from South Carolina farmland and the setting sun breaking through slate gray clouds over the German countryside.

Earlier this year, the band was on a rather extensive tour and just as the tour was starting, the band’s van was totaled – thankfully, the band was safe and their gear was fine. But in the interview section of their BreakThruRadioTV Studios session they talk about that briefly, their album’s gorgeous cover art and a bit more.