Because we’ve become accustomed to the music video. we’ve kind of forgotten that the music video has been a format where experimentation is the norm, where sometimes far-flung ideas and concepts are expressed visually. Instead of the predictably typical short film treatment, the official video for Midnight Juggernauts latest single, “Memorium” is a sort of visual documentary of the evolution of CGI from 1951 to the present.

The video traces CGI’s beginnings on military computer systems, through its various wireframe incarnation to the present day usage of Kinect-based graphics. Because the use of CGI is a commonly used practice in TV shows, movies, and even music videos, most people (including yours truly) aren’t aware of the fact that the technology is well over 60 years old, and that as computers have increasingly gained processing power, each development was an amazing display of the powers of technology. Oddly enough, it’s fitting tribute that works for the song. And it suggest that the days of Max Headroom are soon upon us. 

Sonically, “Memorium,“ uses some traditional rock instruments — guitars, drums and the like — fed through an array of samplers and effects pedals to create a shimmering, club-ready sound that bears a resemblance to Cut CopyBear in Heaven, and in some way Joy Division, thanks in part to the lead singer’s deep, moody baritone. It’s one of my favorite singles I’ve heard this year. 

Midnight Juggernaut’s latest effort, Uncanny Valley which has a title inspired by a theory coined by famed roboticist Masahiro Mori will see a July 9th release through Siberia Records