Before Beach House recorded their 2012 Sub Pop Records release, Bloom, they had decided to concentrate on those promotional efforts that they could control artistically while giving substantial energy. This decision came after the band felt that they had been spending too much time doing live radio sessions, photo shoots, etc., which they had felt was below their own artistic standards. 

Heavily inspired by Pink Floyd‘s Live at PompeiiBeach House wanted to record in an unusual setting without losing the spirt of their music. And in fact, the band believed that their music would resonate in a majestic landscape. Shot over the course of three days in and around Tornillo, TX where the band recorded Bloom, the promotional video, Forever Still has a very basic premise – the band playing four songs from Bloom between sunset and sunrise in locations that mean something personal to the band. 

For those film buffs, you’ll notice the use of long takes and minimal editing. The members of Beach House have publicly said that this was done in purpose – it captures the physicality of live performance and the hauntingly beautiful surroundings. The band’s sound which manages to be atmospheric and incredibly subtle, manages to feel as though it echoes off into the faraway spaces. Although the music itself can be larger than life, you can’t help but notice how utterly small and insignificant it’s creator seem in the face of the power and cruelty of nature. 

As a photographer, this video is stunningly beautiful to watch – frankly, there are shots that I wish I could take. The opening song performed on a what appears to be a mountaintop or hill top ruin, as the countryside goes on forever behind the band. The band bathed in the white, phosphorous glow of headlights. Before the song, you’ll see lightning explodes across the sky as the band drives to a location. The endless miles of blacktop… And the last sequence just reinforces the insignificance of man in the face of nature. 

As a video, it’s meant as an organic whole. It’s worthy of your time. Not only is the scenery beautiful, the music fits in a way that’s fitting.