Best known as a member of the Brown Bag All-Stars, one of the more prolific and underrated crews in contemporary hip-hop, the Queens-based producer/emcee/DJ J57 has been a part of the city’s hip-hop scene since the 90s. Over the last few years, J57 has garnered quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for a production sound that harkens back to the hip-hop’s golden age, complete with scratching and emcees spitting fire over dope beats. 

Recently the Queens-based producer, emcee and DJ remixed DJ JS-1’s “Whatever It Takes” featuring Murs, Fashawn, and Akie Bermiss on the hook. The original song is comprised of a big, room-rocking drum and bass, a looped sample of twinkling keyboards and samples from Gangstarr and other sources. J57’s remix replaces the twinkling keyboard sample with industrial clang and clatter while retaining everything else from the original. In some way, J57’s remix actually adds a bit of grittiness and swagger to the song.