Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Masha Zargarin grew up playing Chopin and Rachmaninoff. And as a teenager, Zargarin and her family relocated to Los Angeles, CA where she got into electronic music after being put on to the instrumental compositions of Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell, as well as the trip-hop of Massive Attack and Dead Can Dance. 

Although she’s better known as the drummer of Sabrosa Purr, her solo recording side project, Omniflux which is getting some attention across the blogosphere for her latest single “Lawless Flawless,” a moody and cinematic sound comprised of dense layers of undulating synths, swirling electronics and strings paired with Zargarin’s ethereal cooed vocals. In some way, the song evokes a dark, sensuality that’s bursting from underneath its seemingly placid surface.