Born and raised in Washington DC, and now located in Brooklyn, singer/songwriter Nick Hakim grew up in a household that emphasized musical diversity as he heard soul, hip-hop, go-go, folk music and more – and as a result, his sound manages to mesh genres. As you’ll hear on this incredible live footage of “Cold,” which appears on his forthcoming and much-anticipated debut EP, Where Will We Go, Part 1, shot by the folks at Yours Truly, his sound manages to use elements of dusty, spectral blues and soul in a way that feels haunting and achingly sad – after all, the song is about a very difficult breakup and realizing that the relationship is completely over, and then lamenting in a closed off room with booze, coffee and a notebook. The song is soul-bearingly intimate – in that late night conversation with the desperately lonely sense, and I think that because of it, you’ll find this song unforgettable and is reminiscent of Daughn Gibson