Born in Alabama and based in Brooklyn, Aman Ellis is an electronic music artist and producer who writes, records and performs under the moniker of AIMES. Ellis’ work frequently possesses elements of psychedelia with nods at New Wave, cosmic disco and Italian electronica, and as a result his work has been praised by the likes of Beatport, Hype Machine, as well as BBC Radio 1’s Annie Nightingale and fellow electronic music artists such as Tensnake, Zimmer, Goldroom and others. 

His latest EP, Harmonique Cosmique is a loose concept album that showcases one song done in four different genre styles. The disco version of “Harmonique Cosmique” sounds as though it owes a debt to Giorgio Morder but with a cosmic glow, thanks in part to its layers of cascading synths and seductive vocal sample that floats in and out of the mix. The late night version of “Harmonique Cosmique” pushes the tempo up with faster pitched cascading and pulsating synths – while retaining the cosmic glow. The AM version of the song actually has the most futuristic feel of the EP’s four songs, complete with laser blasting bleeps and bloops. The beach version manages to sound much like a R&B version of the song, perfect for hanging out or hooking up with someone. Although each version is subtly different from each other, they reveal that AIMES is an exceptionally adept producer in a number of styles.