Born into an Orthodox Jewish/Cuban family, the New York-based producer and electronic artist Richard Spitzer, a.k.a. Loveskills, grew up in a household where he was constantly immersed in a variety of music (like most New Yorkers, really). Before Loveskills, Spitzer had developed a reputation as an artist through his work in projects such as Nite Club, Vinyl Life, Little Star Dweller, and others. He’s also managed to play alongside the Rapture, the Roots, Teengirl Fantasy and others. 

Loveskills sound manages to mix both modern-day hip hop and electronica with 80s new wave – you should expect slick synths, and plenty of big pounding bass. “Cover Me” is the first single from Loveskills forthcoming EP, Multiplicity which No Shame Records will release on Valentine’s Day. 

And on February 15th, you can catch Spitzer at his CD release show at the Mercury Lounge.