Brian Eno, the legendary producer, composer, musician, visual artist and ambient music pioneer has collaborated with a number of equally legendary artists – his two collaborative efforts with David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981) and Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008) are genius. Eno has collaborated with Underworld’s Fred Hyde on a number of things recently; however, Someday World is the first time that Hyde and Eno collaborate on a full-length effort together with a rather distinguished cast of musicians through the album’s 9 songs.The first single, “The Satellites” managed to combine Eno’s famed ambient sound with something that sounds reminiscent Low and Young Americans-era David Bowie. The track kind of swaggers and preens seductively about, thanks to the warm blast of horns and throbbing bass throughout. 

The latest single “Daddy’s Car” employs the same blasts of horns that makes the song swagger and preen about; however, it’s a fuller, nuanced production that reveals hidden layers on repeated plays – all while being incredibly funky.