Bristol, UK-based producer and electronic music artist Matt Preston, writes, records, performs and produces under the moniker of Phaeleh. And as Phaeleh, Preston has developed a reputation for crafting a sound that has a modernist, icy sheen while being rather cinematic.  A great deal of his work sounds as though it could easily be part of the soundtrack of futuristic thriller with supernatural creatures — I can personally envision a movie that features an ancient and dying race of vampires fighting an equally ancient and dying race of werewolves or witches. 

“A World Without” the first single and EP title track of the forthcoming A World Without is perhaps Preston’s most ethereal-sounding release – while bearing an uncanny resemblance to the trip-hop of Massive Attack and to Portishead. As you’re listening to the song, you’ll notice a subtle yet palpable tension in the slow-burning track between the sinuous synths and precise drum programming – and it manages to evoke the same sort of anxiousness of the aforementioned great trip-hop acts.