British band KVB originally started as the solo project of Nicholas Wood back in 2010. And the first recorded effort, The Black Sun was on a limited edition cassette tape released by FLA Records. In 2011, Wood had several releases which began to get attention, including a 10" vinyl EP titled Into the Night and another limited release cassette titled Subjection/Subordination.

After several collaborations, Kat Day became a full time member of the band on synths and visual effects. Their debut full-length album, Always Then gained the attention of British media outlets and as a result they headlined tours across Europe and a US tour, which included a set at the Part Time Punks Shoegaze Festival in Los Angeles.

The band’s latest release, Immaterial Visions was released earlier this year, and “Run Away” is the latest single off the album and it bears a resemblance to the icy chill of New Order, as though played through an old cassette tape, while bearing a resemblance to several contemporary bands.