Brooklyn-based electro pop/electronica dance music act, AVAN LAVA consists of producers/musicians Le Chev, and Ian Pai, who were both members of the incredible Fischerspooner. Although Chev and Pai are the creative forces of AVAN LAVA, they’ve enlisted the assistance of fellow musicians, vocalists, technicians and dancers, Andrew Schneider, Drew Citroen, and Jo Lampert. Their live shows are something of a spectacle that frankly has to be seen – and in fact, they have a set at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 2nd, before they head off to SXSW

Le Chav remixed “It’s Never Over,” the big hit single off their Flex Fantasy EP, and his remix turns a slick, electro pop song to a pumped up, club banger on steroids while retaining the song’s original slickness.