Carrie Rodriguez, the daughter of singer/songwriter David Rodriguez and painter Kay Nail and the granddaughter of essayist Francis Nail has ben around for quite some time –  Rodriguez’s fourth (and most current) album, Give Me All You Got recently hit number on the Billboard Americana list. And to celebrate that occasion and a slate of SXSW appearances, her label Ninth Street Opus sent along this live performance of Rodriguez backed by a mariachi band singing “La Puñalada Trapera." 

Normally while going through multimedia files, I kind have my attention split on four or five different things at a time but when I came across this video and played it, I stopped what I was doing. And then I played the video five or six times in a row. Rodriguez has an incredible, beautiful voice. Her voice manages to convey both pride and aching heartbreak simultaneously. 

Plus personally, I’m  a sucker for the mariachi; deep down I’m a romantic at heart.