Cascine Records, a label that’s quickly become a favorite label of mine, recently released Kids in L.A. the latest effort from the duo of Kisses. The duo is on an East Coast tour which includes a Friday night stop at the Mercury Lounge; as well as stops in Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Durham, NC; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Tampa, FL; and others. 

As the tour started, the band released remixes of a couple of songs from the album, including “The Hardest Part (Enjoyed Remix).” And fits with the general sound of the records Cascine has been releasing lately – slickly produced, synth pop that sounds as though it were inspired by elements of  R&B – in particular the synth line reminds me of a lot Motown singles of the 80s. Unlike Beacon, who’s version of R&B is chillingly minimalist, Kisses sound is more more densely layered. It’s a club ready song and if I were  DJ, I’d definitely stick it in my rotation.