Caught a Ghost is a new project from Los Angeles,CA-based producer and songwriter Jesse Nolan and the project features Motown/Stax-era soul sound with modern production – you’ll come across samples, some light synths and beats. (However, live the band consists of an octet with a 3 member horn section. Each song has a special video that accompanies each song.) “Connected,” the single you’ll hear here has been on ABC’Grey’s Anatomy, on USA Network‘s Suits and has been making the rounds through the blogosphere.  

Soul music has seen an incredible renaissance but in the case of Caught a Ghost, as well as with an act like the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, there’s a modern interpretation of great, powerful music and it works. 

Nolan’s debut Nightworks will see a February 12th, 2013 from +1 Records. Be on the lookout if you dig soul.