Chief Scout is the musical project of the 20 year old, Suwanee, GA-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Trey Rosenkampff. Rosenkampff has been writing and performing music for almost all of his life; in fact, in high school, he spent his time honing his musical and songwriting chops. And during the earliest days of his professional career, Rosenkampff was championed by White Denim’s James Petralli, who after catching the Suwanee, GA-based artist play invited him down to Austin, TX to record. 

Throughout 2013 Rosenkampff along with Petralli and Jim Vollentine, Petralli’s longtime collaborator worked on material based around psych rock but that was loud, fast, aggressive – all while staying true to Rosenkampff’s Southern roots. And one of the end results is the first single off his forthcoming Columbia Records single “Run Away From Home,” a single comprised of bruising power chords and a shambling song structure which includes a shout-able chorus and thundering drumming. The song kick ass but manages to have an almost playful, mischievous charm.