Comprised of AJ Babcock (vocals, bass), Nate Moran (drums) and Angela Plake (guitar and vocals), the Nashville, TN-based trio Secret Club began building buzz for their efforts in the old fashioned way – through moxie, hustle and word-of-mouth. The trio began consistently filling some of Nashville’s best known and most popular rock venues, including Twin Kegs, The East Room, Charlie Bob’s Diner, 5 Spot, The Basement and The End and as a result, they caught the attention of producer Tres Sasser, best known for his work with Will Hoge and Cardboard Kids and engineer Joe Costa, best known for his work with Ben Folds and Kesha, who later signed the trio to American Echo Records. 

With the release of “I Do What I Want,” the first single from the band’s forthcoming full-length debut, Apocalypse Meow, Secret Club has started to receive national attention from the likes of The Deli Magazine – and after you hear it, you shouldn’t be surprised as to why they’ve been receiving so much attention; it’s straightforward balls-to-the-walls, gritty, scuzzy party rock about making too much noise, drinking too much, smoking too much, fucking around, hooking up and drinking more. It should be the soundtrack of every wild, raucous party you’ve ever been to and every punk rock dive bar across the country. 

The official video subtly comments on gentrification and what it means to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle while also showing how much fucking fun the Nashville trio’s live show should be – that it would be an insane party that would annoy the buttoned up neighbors. Fuck them! Long live, rock ‘n’ roll, man!