Comprised of Brock Potucek, Sarica Douglas, Zach Van Benthuzen, Christian O’Reilly and Billy Belzer the Kansas City-based slacker punk quintet of Lazy has recorded and released material though a variety of labels including Moniker Records, Manic Static Records, Great American Records, and Whatever Forever Records. Their latest 7 inch, the Soft Sheets/Don’t Die 7 inch was recently released though the San Diego-based Volar Records reveals a band whose sound nods to the likes of X, Wire, White Mystery and others – in other words, you’ll hear buzzing, angular guitar and vocals that are half shouted and sung in unison as you’ll hear on “Soft Sheets.” However, “Don’t Die” is the most traditionally punk song as its comprised of layers of buzzing guitars, shouted vocals and looping drum roll, and reminds me of small, dark and stank punk clubs like the Continental, Coney Island High and others.