Comprised of Danny White and Steven Mudd, the electro pop duo of Golden Coast met in college while individually producing and writing for a number of artists before deciding to team up and collaborate on a project together. Over a decade ago, they relocated from Colorado to Los Angeles and their latest single “Futurist” possess a breezy, dub-inspired hook-laden melody that evokes endless sunny days on the beach or at the pool – and a production style that meshes both electronic techniques with live instrumentation. When you hear the song, it’s an anthemic and effortlessly crowd pleasing in a fashion that reminds me quite a bit of St. Lucia and Haerts, and because of that i would fully expect that you will be hearing quite a bit about them across the blogosphere. 

Now if you’ve been following JOVM for the past few months, you might remember coming across a post about a remix from an up-and-coming Washington, DC-based producer, Eau Claire. Eau Claire’s remix turns a decidedly pop-orientated song into a slick, club-friendly house track that retains just the vocal sample and pairs them with shimmering, cascading synths, swirling electronics, glitchy vocal samples around the hook and pushes the tempo faster with a beefier drum sample, giving the song a bracing iciness that reminds me of Octo Octa’s Between Both Sides.