Comprised of Don De Vore (best known for his work in Sick Feeling, Ink and Dagger and several other bands), Reggie Debris and Ryan Rapsys, the trio of Collapsing Scenery was founded during the fall of 2013 – a terrifying period that seemed as though humanity was inching closer to the precipice of annihilation. And with this backdrop, long-time collaborators De Vore and Debris started collecting an array of analog electronics including samplers, step sequences, synths, drum machines and effects pedals, essentially putting the guitars they were well-versed in and comfortable with away for this particular project. 

Reportedly, much of Collapsing Material’s material is informed by largely improvised sessions of a sound that’s comprised of elements of punk, industrial electronica, hip-hop, free jazz, soul, disco and other genres, painstakingly and meticulously recorded. Their debut single “Metaphysical Cops” is comprised of tense layers of cascading synths, ominously swirling electronics, industrial-styled drum programming and Debris’ ironically detached, half spoken-world, half sung vocals. Much like the writing and recording session which the song came from, the song feels both improvised and yet meticulous while bearing a resemblance to a more paranoid, anxious Soul Coughing – in particular, “Super Bon Bon.”