Comprised of Jared Petrich, Dana Rogge, Adam Halferty and a number of musician friends and collaborators, the Los Angeles,CA-based band of The Tulips have developed a reputation for crating dreamy melodies paired with ethereal harmonies that reportedly are informed by the mountains just beyond Los Angeles’ city limits. Their sophomore full-length effort, Echo Blues which was recorded in an historic hotel and an old, ornate church is slated for release next year, and the album has the band gently expanding their sound from a sparse, acoustic-based sound based around the founding trio of Petrich, Rogge and Halferty to a larger, shoegazer rock sound, thanks to the addition of a full-band. 

The forthcoming album’s latest single “Winter Winds” is a hauntingly beautiful lullaby of a song that evokes wisps of wind-blown snow reflected in moonlight and the sensation of curling into a warm blanket after being in the cold for a while. The song possesses a disarming familiarity and comfort before floating off into the ether.